Roadside Assistance and Towing

Roadside Assistance and Towing

Nobody wants to think about it but it’s a fact of life that will most likely happen at one point or another in the course of our lives; emergency situations.  Especially when we are on the road the chances of facing a small to major emergency situation greatly increase.  The best thing we can do in any case is to try and prepare ahead of time for possible scenarios.  For example, we can have a small emergency preparedness kit in the trunk, with flashlights, blankets, water bottles, anti-freeze, granola bars etc, as well as always have a spare tire and jack in case of flat tires. It helps to have a small container of gasoline as well in case of running out of gas.  The other option to have on hand, or readily available is if your car breaks down and you need a tow to the nearest car repair shop or to home.

Emergency towing service is usually something that most tow truck companies will offer if you just look up towing near me. All this means is that the tow isn’t scheduled for down the road, but that you need them to come right away. So you should pre-program a few local tow truck services phone numbers into your smart phone, or write them down to have available in your car.  If you are out of state or far from home, usually you can google “towing service near me” to find the best local place that can quickly come to your aid.  Keep in mind that you can also get a membership with companies such as AAA that offer road side assistance. If not you can always pay cash to your friendly local tow truck driver to pull your car from it’s broken down spot to wherever you need to get it.

Making lists and thinking ahead of time, “What would I need if X happens?” will definitely give you a leg-up if you are ever faced with a possible emergency.  And as we mentioned before, it especially helps to be prepared when taking a trip, or a drive to anywhere.  There are still long stretches of this country that are pretty remote, and it could also happen that your battery in your phone will die, or you won’t have access to phone reception.  There are other steps you can take to prepare for these types of situations as well. But being prepared will give you peace of mind that you will be ready for whatever life throws your way.

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