Common Reasons Why People Get a Tattoo

People’s reasoning for getting a tattoo often changes over time. Initially, most individuals usually get tattoos that have so much meaning behind them. It is not unusual to feel and think that the more ink you get, the less monumental every session is. For some people, getting ink becomes their second nature.


Most of the time, people get tattooed to honor something or someone. And it is extremely true when they say that people often grow addicted to the pain. Collectors of tattoos get inked simply because there’s a tattoo artist they feel committed to get work from. At times, you and your best friend are just bored and ended up in the nearest tattoo shop. Whatever the real reason behind your ink, you got the tattoo and we hope that you are proud of it. In this article, you will learn some of the most common reasons why people opt to get a permanent ink and these include:

  1. Individuality or Self-Expression

Individuals who choose to get permanent inks are those people who generally have a strong sense of individuality and they want to express it to the world. Typically, they are those people who are not afraid of the opinion of the public and never afraid to voice out their own opinions as well. These individuals choose symbols, imagery, or even meaningful words expressing who they really are as well as what they strongly stand for. These people usually put their hearts and voice on their sleeves.

  1. Milestones and Memories

Sometimes, a person gets tattooed for a simple reason of remembering a deceased loved one or someone that he is close to. Some people also want to hold onto a reminder or a memory of a special time or event in one’s life. Birth, accomplishment, graduation, death, or even childhood memories are kinds of tattoos that are very meaningful and personal. It is very important that people find the right articles in order to connect with as well as for that thought and time to be put into a wonderful design creation and actual inking session.

  1. Symbols of Superstition and Luck

Even if you are not a type of person who believes in superstitious beliefs, sometimes it is just seem like a brilliant idea to have that luck shamrock, horseshoe or rabbit’s foot permanently marked on your skin just in case that superstition is true.

  1. Commitment

These tattoos can be the name of your spouse, lover, best friend or significant other. Religious imagery or symbols are also popular under this category, including particular tribe or gang symbols, or any group that you belong. However, you should be aware of this since commitments are usually broken. And because of that, these tattoo designs usually turn out to be the least ideal reasons to get inked since these things can eventually change. Therefore, if this is your reason to get a tattoo, think hard and long about it first as your decision can possibly last a lifetime and the last thing you want is to feel any regret for getting that tattoo.



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